Why Do Butters Parents Always Ground Him?

What episode does Butters mom try to kill him?

‘ Very Own Episode”Butters’ Very Own Episode” is the fourteenth and final episode of the fifth season of the animated television series South Park, and the 79th episode of the series overall.

“Butters’ Very Own Episode” originally aired in the United States on Comedy Central on December 12, 2001..

Who is Butters dad?

Stephen StotchStephen Stotch is Butters’ dad. Although in earlier episodes (like “Butters’ Very Own Episode”), you may hear him referred to as “Chris”.

Who voices Stephen Stotch?

Trey ParkerStephen StotchGenderMaleWifeLinda StotchSonButters StotchVoiced byTrey ParkerFirst AppearanceChickenlover4 more rows

What happened to Butters eye?

The shuriken hits Butters in his eye and becomes lodged in it, which immediately brings an end to the battle and brings the boys back to their senses. Suddenly they all realize that Butters needs medical attention, but taking him to the local hospital would result in their parents finding out about their purchases.

Is Butters dad abusive?

Speaking. Stephen Willis Stotch, also known as Chris, is Butters’ abusive father as well as Linda Stotch’s husband.

Why did butters replace Kenny?

After Kenny’s semi-permanent death near the end of Season 5, Butters became the replacement Kenny, until this episode, where he is fired for simply being too lame.

Why do they call him Butters?

The nickname “Butters” evolved from Parker and Stone calling Stough “little buddy” for about three years.

Why does Kenny always die?

Essentially, Kenny is always killed because he is needed by God to go to heaven in case of any attack. … After the aforementioned episode, Kenny is needed less and less in Heaven, to the point of him barely even dying. From now on, whenever you see Kenny die and hear Kyle and/or Stan shout “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

What is the new episode of South Park about?

The Black Friday TrilogySouth Park/Upcoming episode

What does Butters girl mean?

very ugly. British slang. Possibly from “butt ugly”. That girl was butters.

What does Butters mean in British slang?

(British slang) Unattractive, ugly or repulsive.

Why does Butters always get grounded?

He is usually grounded after he gets involved with something, because they usually conclude that it was either Butters all on his own or that he at least played a major role, and don’t believe that he is being bullied.

Did Butters dad kill his mom?

In the minecraft episode, Butters said that his dad killed his mom in minecraft and the fact that Linda Stotch hasn’t been seen in South Park since that episode has had me really confused. As King Of Doom said, the joke was that Butters was acting like the video game was real life, so I’m pretty sure she’s not dead.