What Does POB Mean In Slang?

Is POB a word?

No, pob is not in the scrabble dictionary..

Is POB short for PO box?

noun. (in a post office) a locked compartment into which the mail of a box renter is put to be called for. Abbreviation: POB, P.O.B.

What is the full meaning of POB?

Post-Office box, PO Box, POB, call box, letter box(noun) a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for.

What does POB stand for in the Army?

persons on boardPOB — persons on board; psychological operations battalion.

What is POB finance?

B. Post Office Box. Business, Banking, Money. POB. Point of BankingTM.

What does BRB mean sexually?

Be right backA BRB Be right back.

What does ROFL mean in texting?

rolling/rolled on the floor laughingor ROTFL. rolling/rolled on the floor laughing: written in response to something very funny.

What do FTW mean?

for the winWhat does FTW mean? FTW is an abbreviation of the phrase for the win.

What does POB mean in texting?

POB — parent over back.

What does Bofl mean in slang?

Breath of LifeAcronym. Definition. BOFL. Breath of Life (Wellfleet/Bay Networks)

What does POB mean in Kpop?

Title. What is ‘First press’? ‘First press’ means the first edition of the album. Suppliers usually produces ‘First press’ only in limited quantities, usually with ‘Pre-order benefit’ and posters.

What does POB stand for on a survey?

Point of beginning• POB – Point of beginning. The starting point of a survey.

What does POB stand for hospital?

POB. Professional Office Building. Medicine, Business, Office. Cardiology. Health, Healthcare, Diagnosis.