Quick Answer: What To Do If There’S Ever A Zombie Apocalypse?

What to do if there’s a zombie apocalypse?

To ensure you’ll make it through the zombie apocalypse, heed their simple tips.Clear the Room.

Never Turn Your Back on the Enemy.

The Fine Line.

Zombies Are the Least of Your Worries.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely.

Windows Are Not Your Friend.

Don’t Get Stuck With A Gas-Guzzler.

Fight World War Z with TNT.More items…•.

What should you not do during a zombie apocalypse?

10 WORST things to do in the zombie apocalypseGo to a hospital. Probably the single worst place to be in the zombie apocalypse. … Get on a plane. … Attempt to cure someone who is infected. … Play a game of Risk. … Be on reddit. … Start shooting your enemies before they are zombies. … Negotiate. … Go streaking.More items…•

Which countries would survive a zombie apocalypse?

What countries would best survive a zombie apocalypse? Why? The countries that would survive the best are the ones that have a small population compared to land mass so, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Mongolia, Tibet and any place that has a hot desert.

Which cities would survive a zombie apocalypse 2020?

Full RankingsBoston.Salt Lake City.Columbus.Baltimore.Virginia Beach, Virginia.Seattle.San Diego.Kansas City, Missouri.More items…•