Quick Answer: How Much Does A MTA Train Cleaner Make?

How much money does a MTA worker make?

Average MTA hourly pay ranges from approximately $14.72 per hour for Driver to $26.75 per hour for Bus Driver.

The average MTA salary ranges from approximately $43,061 per year for Dispatcher to $97,448 per year for Chief Technology Officer..

Does MTA pay weekly?

No, the pay is bi-weekly.

Do MTA employees get free MetroCards?

The free MetroCards are awarded to workers due to a collective bargaining agreement with the transit union, and even high-ups like MTA head Jay Walder receive the freebies. An additional 52,000 NYPD officers also receive free passes, as well as 701 MTA police officers.

Can you work for MTA with a felony?

Spurred by the case of a burly driver who molested a teenage boy on an empty bus, MTA officials on Wednesday announced that they will no longer hire people with felony and certain misdemeanor convictions.

How many hours do MTA bus drivers work?

16 hoursA typical work day is about 16 hours but you only get paid for 14. I learned do trust other drivers or management. The most enjoyable part of my job is when i get off and go home.

Who is the owner of MTA?

Andrew M. CuomoA: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority runs the subway, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo controls the authority.

How much do MTA bus cleaners make?

The current minimum salary for Cleaner/Maintainer’s Helpers is $13.61 per hour for a 40-hour week. The pay increases to $22.8125 per hour after 48 months.

Is MTA a government job?

But the MTA is not an agency of state government, such as, say, the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Financial Services. … The MTA is different. Legally, it is an independent corporation, run by a board of directors.

How much do MTA subway drivers make?

BUT STAYING IN THE POSITION PAYS OFF. The typical base salary for a New York subway conductor is $67,000, Thompson says, but both pay and benefits become more appealing the longer a conductor works for the transit authority.

How do I become a MTA station agent?

(1) Online at the DCAS WEBSITE: If you wish to apply online, go to the Online application System (OASys) at www.nyc.gov/examsforjobs and follow the onscreen application instructions for electronically submitting your application and completing any required forms.

How do I get a job at MTA?

You must apply online for most MTA jobs. You can use regular mail to apply for a position with MTA Bridges and Tunnels. Access its employment opportunities by going to mta.info/employment and clicking on Bridges and Tunnels.

Does the MTA make a profit?

In total, the MTA will take in $16.725 billion in 2019. The MTA’s largest funding source is revenue we collect from customers. 50% of our revenue come from tolls (money paid crossing bridges and tunnels) and Farebox Revenue (money paid to ride subways, buses, and trains).

Where can I apply for MTA exam?

Applicants must apply, take, and pass an examination. Applications for Transit positions which require an examination are available during the filing period by going to the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), 2 Lafayette Street, Applications Center, in downtown Manhattan.

Is the MTA hiring?

We’re always hiring for skilled trade positions – people who are the core of what keeps our system moving. This is a chance to get unparalleled experience – working at the MTA will be a part of your career you won’t forget and one that will prepare you to work anywhere.

Is working for the MTA a good job?

mta is great place to work. Mta is a very good place to work. you get to meat a lot of people. the hardest part of the job is when it snows and.

Is eating allowed on NYC Subway?

Eating on the subway in NYC is allowed, but not on the buses. Carrying food is always OK, indeed, there were stations that had bakeries at one time.

How much do MTA station agents make?

Average MTA New York City Transit Station Agent yearly pay in the United States is approximately $52,365, which is 103% above the national average.

How long is MTA hiring process?

The hiring process can take anywhere from eight months to three years or more. The length of time depends on the number of applicants and MTA’s hiring needs.

Do MTA bus drivers make good money?

Average MTA Bus Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $68,138, which is 107% above the national average. Salary information comes from 11 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

How hard is MTA exam?

The 98-366 exam is the most powerful certification that you can have on your resume. 98-366 is a challenging exam, to pass this you’ll have to work hard. … For those looking to shift their IT career in a fresh direction, a MTA certification can also be the first step towards that new path.