Quick Answer: How Do You Praise A Picture?

What is another way to say nice picture?

nice photo / synonymsnice picture.beautiful picture.good picture.great picture.good photo.great shot.pretty picture.great photo.More items….

How do you comment on a beautiful picture?

Unique & Creative Comments for Beautiful PicturesIt took my breath away!Your beauty is irresistible.Hey beautiful… that is your name, right?You’re a gift to those around you.I like your style.You are enough.Really a feast for the eyes!You light up the room.More items…•

How do you compliment a hot picture?

Wow, you look beautiful. Million-dollar smile! I think it’s booty-full. This picture is lit!!…That’s hot enough to beat the winters.Babe this look is everything omg.Totally contemporary & aesthetic look.Damn in love with your dress.You look super cute!!Good shoot✔️✔️✔️✔️Soo pretty.Your beauty is irresistible!!More items…•

What are some nice comments?

75 Compliments to Use When You Want to Say Something Nice1 Your positivity is infectious.2 You should be so proud of yourself.3 You’re amazing!4 You’re a true gift to the people in your life.5 You’re an incredible friend.6 I really appreciate everything that you do.7 You inspire me to be a better person.8 Your passion always motivates me.More items…•

How do you compliment someone’s profile picture?

Below are some of the fantastic comments for pics on FB to help you out.Your charm is irresistible.You look strong and confident.That is a perfect gentleman picture.That is a killer picture.This pic is lit and impressive.You are looking like a Rockstar.You are looking damn handsome brother!Always smart.More items…•