Question: Which One Has A Higher Electrical Resistance A 100 Watt Bulb Or A 60 Watt Bulb?

Which has greater resistance a 100w bulb or a 25w bulb?


resistance is greater for 25 watt bulb..

Which bulb will glow brighter in series?

Key Points: In a series circuit, 80W bulb glows brighter due to high power dissipation instead of a 100W bulb. In a parallel circuit, 100W bulb glows brighter due to high power dissipation instead of an 80W bulb. The bulb which dissipates more power will glow brighter.

What is the resistance of 100w bulb?

about 9.5 ohmsThe typical cold resistance of a 100 W incandescent lamp is about 9.5 ohms. If that resistance stayed the same with 120 V applied, Ohm’s Law tells us that the bulb would draw about 12.5 amps and dissipate about 1,500 watts.

What’s the difference between 60w and 100w?

Explanation: 100 watt bulb is used for 10 hours will consume 1000 wattsr. … since 60 watt bulb consumes less power its light out put will be also less. Supply voltage being constant the more watts means more current,So you consume more energy pay for money.

Which will have higher resistance 50w or 25w?

Resistance R = V2/P, where V is the potential difference and P is the power in Watts. So, the more the power, the lower will be the resistance and vice versa. Or, R2 = 2R1. Thus, 25 W bulb will have double the resistance as compared to 50 Watt bulb.

Is 100w brighter than 60w?

A Watt (W) is an International Standard unit of electrical and mechanical power measuring the rate of energy transfer. Typically choosing from 150w, 100w, 75w, 60w and 40w bulbs, it was understood that the greater the wattage, the brighter the light. …

Which one has more resistance 100 watt bulb or 60 watt bulb both operating at 220 volt?

Answer. Resistance of First bulb,R1=V²/P1=220*220/100=484 ohms. Resistance of Second bulb,R2=V²/P2=220*220/60=806.66666….. Therefore the second bulb has more resistance.

Which one is having lesser resistance a 60 watt bulb or a 40 watt bulb?

Assuming both bulbs are designed to operate at the same voltage V, then it’s obvious that the higher the bulb’s power rating P, the lower its resistance R, thus the 60W bulb has a lower resistance than the 40W bulb.

Which one is having lesser resistance a 220v 60w bulb or a 220v 40w bulb?

Answer: 60w is having lesser resistence.

Which bulb has more resistance 100w or 200w?

A 100 watt bulb has more resistance than a 200 W bulb.

Does the resistance of a light bulb change?

The light bulb filament does not have a constant resistance. The filament’s resistance changes as it heats up and cools down. … For a circuit with a constant resistance, the current increases as the voltage increases.

What is the resistance of 60 watt bulb?

In fact, the 120-Watt bulb would have a current of 1 Amp and a resistance of 120 Ω; the 60-Watt bulb would have a current of 0.5 Amp and a resistance of 240 Ω.

Does a brighter bulb have more resistance?

~ The relationship between brightness and resistance of bulbs connected in a series is directly proportional. Therefore, the bulb with the higher resistance will shine brighter.