Question: What Does Romeo’S Letter Say?

Why does Romeo kill Paris?

As Romeo has been exiled from the city on penalty of death, Paris thinks that Romeo must hate the Capulets so much that he has returned to the tomb to do some dishonor to the corpse of either Tybalt or Juliet.

Romeo kills Paris.

As he dies, Paris asks to be laid near Juliet in the tomb, and Romeo consents..

How did Romeo die?

Hearing from his servant that Juliet is dead, Romeo buys poison from an Apothecary in Mantua. … Romeo takes his poison and dies, while Juliet awakens from her drugged coma. She learns what has happened from Friar Laurence, but she refuses to leave the tomb and stabs herself.

Does the letter reach Romeo?

The note from Friar Laurence never reaches Romeo because Friar John, who was to deliver the message, was quarantined in a house because they thought he had been exposed to the plague.

Why did Romeo kill himself for Juliet?

Romeo kills himself because he would rather be with Juliet in death than go on living without her. Having proven himself to be wildly passionate and quick to take action, Romeo prioritizes his love for Juliet. He acts on his deep sorrow over the loss instead of trying to imagine how to live his life after the tragedy.

What information does Romeo’s letter give?

act 5 scene 3QuestionAnswerWhat information does Romeo’s letter give?He bought poison and wanted to die to be with JulietHow do Montague and Capulet plan to honor the memories of their children?Both families are going to build a statue to honor their children. They agree that the families wanted to stop the feud.8 more rows

What does Romeo say when he kills himself?

then I’ll be brief. O happy dagger! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die.

What is Romeo’s sentence?

Lady Capulet demands blood for the killing of Tybalt, but, luckily for Romeo, the Prince does not enforce the death penalty. Instead, he tells Romeo that he is banished from Verona. Romeo must leave the city immediately and, if he does not, will be killed. Similarly, he will be killed if he returns to Verona.

Why does Romeo want to kill himself Act 3 Scene 3?

Summary: Act 3, scene 3 Romeo claims that banishment is a penalty far worse than death, since he will have to live, but without Juliet. The friar tries to counsel Romeo but the youth is so unhappy that he will have none of it. … He assumes that Juliet now thinks of him as a murderer and threatens to stab himself.

How does Romeo feel after killing Tybalt?

Romeo feels terrible about killing Tybalt, because he was Juliet’s cousin and he didn’t want to fight him. The death of Tybalt is a turning point in the play. The fiery tempered Tybalt has been targeting Romeo ever since Juliet’s party, where he felt that Romeo’s presence there was an insult to the Capulets.

What is Romeo’s reaction to his sentence?

What is Romeo’s reaction to his sentence from the prince? Banishment is death. He would rather die than not be able to be with Juliet.

Why does the letter not get to Romeo?

Friar John replies that he was unable to deliver the letter because he was shut up in a quarantined house due to an outbreak of plague. Friar Lawrence becomes upset, realizing that if Romeo does not know about Juliet’s false death, there will be no one to retrieve her from the tomb when she awakes.

How old is Juliet?

13A 13-year-old girl, Juliet is the only daughter of the patriarch of the House of Capulet.

What is the last thing Juliet says to Romeo?

I will kiss thy lips; Haply some poison yet doth hang on them, To make die with a restorative.

What is Romeo’s new plan in Act 5?

Romeo immediately orders Balthasar to prepare a horse so he can rush to Verona and see Juliet’s body. Meanwhile, he writes a letter for Balthasar to give to Lord Montague, explaining the situation. Finally, before he leaves Mantua, Romeo buys some poison from a poor Apothecary.

What line is thus with a kiss I die?

Romeo: “O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die.”