Question: Has Known Many A Blast Meaning?

How do you use blast in a sentence?

“I had a blast at Disney World during my vacation.

I really want to go back there someday.” “I hope you have a blast at your birthday party.” “Jessica has a blast every time she goes out with Marissa.”.

What is another word for have a good time?

have a good

What does having a blast mean?

New Word Suggestion. Someone engaging in a happy, fun-loving, laughable time at a function or an event.

Are you having a blast?

To have a very fun or exciting time (doing something).

What is another word for blast birthday?

have a blast / synonymshave a good time.have fun.have some a great time.have so much fun.have a lot of fun.More items…

What are synonyms for have a blast?

What is another word for have a blast?go bonkerscut loosego bananasgo nutshave funlet looselose one’s marbles

Is blast a bad word?

But this in no way explains how “blast” became an omnipresent euphemism for “damn”. “Damn” was, in a quainter era, a very foul word, meaning actual damnation to Hell among people who believed in Hell as a literal place. … The euphemism was frequently, and may still be today, used in comic books.

What does having a blast on your birthday mean?

Definition (expr.) have a wonderful time; enjoy oneself. Examples I had a blast at Disney World during my vacation. I really want to go back there someday. Examples I hope you have a blast at your birthday party.

How have a blast on your birthday?

They are all trying to wish you a great day, because it is a special day. May you have a wonderful year, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy and have a blast. Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your Birthday.

What does blast mean drugs?

blast – Cocaine; Smoke crack; Marijuana; smoke marijuana or crack.

What does Clast mean?

a fragment of rock: a fragment of rock.

What is a blast in slang?

“Blast” is slang for a very exciting or pleasurable experience or event. … It may be just a cool way of saying something polite to end the interview, like “thank you” or “my pleasure”.

Have a blast Day means?

NO: “Have a blast day!” YES: “Have a blast!” = an idiomatic expression used to wish someone to have a great time, i.e. on his/her birthday, at a party/event, on a vacation, etc. … But as an idiom/slang, ‘a blast’ (always in the singular form) means ‘a lot of fun; a wonderful, thrilling time’.

What does the idiom have a blast?

It means “to have a lot of fun”. See also: View examples in Google: Have a blast.

What is a better word for loud?

Some common synonyms of loud are earsplitting, raucous, stentorian, and strident. While all these words mean “marked by intensity or volume of sound,” loud applies to any volume above normal and may suggest undue vehemence or obtrusiveness.

What’s another word for amazing?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for amazing, like: astonishing, incredible, astounding, marvelous, wondrous, fantastical, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, miraculous and unbelievable.