How Do You Cut In FreeCAD?

How do you extrude in FreeCAD?

UsageSelect the shape(s) in the 3D view or in the Model tree view.Click on the Extrude icon in the toolbar, or go to the Part → Extrude menu.Set the direction and length and optionally other parameters (see the following Parameters section for more details).Click OK..

How do you make a triangle in Freecad?

UsagePress the. Create equilateral triangle button.Click once to set the center.Move the mouse and click a second time to set one of the vertices.Pressing Esc or clicking the right mouse button cancels the function.

How do you select an object in Freecad?

In the tree view items can be selected, or deselected, one at a time, by holding the Ctrl key and clicking with the mouse. A range of items can be selected by clicking on the first item, holding Shift, and clicking on the last item. Selecting a single item will also show its properties in the property editor.

How good is FreeCAD?

FreeCAD. FreeCAD is an accessible and flexible open-source parametric 3D modeler. … FreeCAD has some great modeling tools, like Finite Element Analysis, or a nice robot simulation module. From product design to mechanical engineering, FreeCAD will help you to create your best 3D projects.

What is a body in FreeCAD?

Introduction. In FreeCAD the word “Body” is normally used to refer to a PartDesign Body object ( PartDesign::Body class) that is defined by the PartDesign Workbench. This is a container object that can hold 2D sketches and 3D geometrical features to build a solid shape.

How do I start FreeCAD?

FreeCAD can be started normally by double-clicking on its desktop icon or selecting it from the start menu, but it can also be started directly from the command line. This allows you to change some of the default startup options.

How do you cut a hole in Freecad?

You create a sketch in the XY-plane and create your box using the “pad” function. Then you select the top (Z positive) face of the box and make a sketch with your smaller rectangle. Make a “pocket” using that sketch. Now you should have a “box with a hole”.

How do I get a body active on Freecad?

Double-click the Body in the tree view or open the context menu (right-click) and select Toggle active body to activate or deactivate the Body. If another Body is active, it will be deactivated.