Can I Combine My Matric Results?

Is it possible to upgrade your matric results?

A matric upgrade allows you to focus on the subjects you want to improve.

This means you do not have to rewrite all of your matric exams.

When you upgrade your matric results through Matric College, all your study materials are delivered to you..

When can I rewrite my matric?

You can rewrite your matric through Matric college. To qualify to rewrite your exams, you have to be over the age of 21. You also have to have your grade 9 or a grade 9 equivalent qualification.

How much does it cost to rewrite matric?

2. Get a Re-Mark of your Exam Papers. If you ask for a re-mark, then your paper is marked a second time. The fee for a re-mark is R105 per paper that you want re-marked.

What is symbol C in matric results?

Code 6 (B Symbol): 70 – 79% Code 5 (C Symbol): 60 – 69% Code 4 (D Symbol): 50 – 59% Code 3 (E Symbol): 40 – 49%

Can I buy a matric certificate?

Where Can I Buy A Matric Certificate: There is currently only one place where you can buy a matric certificate online, and that is with us.

Where can I combine my matric certificate?

Apply In-Person: To apply for Replacement of Matric Certificate or Combine your Matric Credit (Change of Status) in person, the applicant should visit the office of Department of Basic education or office of any Provincial Education Department.

Can Nsfas fund me without matric?

Failed matric? … Yes, you can further your studies without matric.

Is ABET level 4 a matric?

NQF level 4 is the equivalent of a senior certificate (matric). … An ABET qualification is equivalent to an NQF level 1. There are three other levels between ABET level 4 and a matric qualification. This difference means that a person with an ABET certificate cannot apply at UNISA.

What happens if you fail two subjects in matric?

If you have failed more than two (2) subjects, you have two options: (a) – you could apply at a school or private institution to re-do your matric year. (b) – you can apply to a TVET College to obtain a National Certificate Vocational as explained above.

How much does it cost to combine matric certificate?

The combination statement of results is obtainable immediately. How much does it cost? It will cost you R130. 00 for the Replacement certificate, and if you want a statement of results, it will cost you an additional R50.

How many subject do you need to pass matric?

seven subjectsYou will need a minimum of seven subjects to obtain your matric certificate. These must include two languages, Life Orientation and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy. These are your compulsory subjects. This means that you can choose the three remaining subjects from the subject list.

How long does it take to combine a matric certificate?

four to six weeksHow long does it take? It takes four to six weeks for Replacement certificate: change of status. The combination statement of results is obtainable immediately.

Can you combine matric and n3?

Can I combine my N3 with my matric? You can not combine a National Senior Certificate that was done in school with a Senior Certificate, N3, Amended Senior Certificate or a National Senior certificate from college.

Is n3 equal to matric?

N3 certificate equivalent to Matric is issued by the regulatory body Umalusi for more information click here and exams are conducted by the Department of Higher Education and Training. … With N3 Technical Matric you can apply for jobs, study further and use it for any place requiring a National Senior Certificate.

How can I upgrade my matric score?

Below are several things for school-leavers to consider very carefully.Rewrite the matric exams: … Consider bridging courses: … Look at TVET (formerly FET) colleges: … Re-enrol for your full matric: … Confirm that the institution is legitimate: … Always keep in mind the benefits of improving matric results:

Can I combine my matric results online?

The department does not automatically combine your credits, unless you took a supplementary exam. You can also apply for this online. You can apply for confirmation statement of results while waiting for the National Senior Certificate. Find out more about replacement certificate at the Department of Basic Education.

How many times can you rewrite your matric?

If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for in Matric, you qualify to write a second national exam (previously called supplementary exams) in the year immediately after your Matric final. You can also re-enroll for your Matric year, and retake the end of year exams, up to 5 years after you completed Matric.

Can you pass matric with 5 subjects?

No, It is not! Unfortunately the requirements are not that simple. As a matric student, you need to take at least 7 subjects and at the least, you need to pass your home language at a minimum of 40%, two other subjects at 40% as well, and three others at 30%, in order to obtain a higher certificate pass.